Our Partners and Their Projects

Project: De novo sequencing and genome assembly of a previously unsequenced vertebrate species in cooperation with Dr. Vassilis Bitsikas (Schier Lab, Biozentrum, University of Basel).
Genexa planned and supported all steps of this project, from DNA isolation, sequencing and genome assembly to additional genomic analyses.
Technologies: Oxford Nanopore & Illumina


Project: De novo genome assembly of antagonists against plant pathogenic bacteria & functional screening of the genome.
Technology: Oxford Nanopore

Project 2: Transcriptome analysis of honeybees exposed to an insecticide.
Technology: Illumina

Project: In silico identification of highly specific genomic markers for human pathogens. Our work contributed to the development of a novel rapid test for molecular pathogen identification.
Project type: Development of customer-specific solution enabling the analysis of extensive public data sets.


Project: Amazon AWS as a solution for computationally expensive tasks.
Technology: Amazon AWS

Project: Development of a data-analysis solution for CircAID-p-seq kit in close collaboration with IMMAGINA BioTechnolgy. Genexa contributes design of bioinformatic algorithms and subsequent implementation in software.
Technology: Immagina BioTechnology’s CircAID-p-seq which is based on Oxford Nanopore sequencing.


Project: NGS data compression and encryption using MPEG-G genomic data format.
Technology: ISO standard 23092 / MPEG-G-based project


Project: Transcriptome analysis of honeybees exposed to an insecticide.
Technology: Illumina


Project: Barcoding and demultiplexing of long-read cDNA library from human cell line.
Technology: Oxford Nanopore

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