nucleotID - Get Genomic Markers with High Sensitivity and Specificity for your Target Organism using Genexa's new Solution

nucleotID identifies highly unique genomic markers – so that you can focus on the design of your molecular test (PCR- and LAMP-based tests or similar)

Based on hundreds to thousands of reference genomes

Extensive checking against potential off-targets

We incorporate your custom data into the analysis

Extensive report enables design of diagnostic tests

How nucleotID works

Define your target group

Step 1

Define off-target profile


Step 2

Define desired characteristics of your genomic markers

Step 3

Let us do the work

Step 4

Get genomic markers (and optionally PCR primer sequences)

Step 5


Detects markers in intergenic regions as well

For Bacteria, Archaea and simple Eukaryotes

Get gene annotations for your markers

We incorporate all major genome databases

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