What we do

Genexa is a Swiss Bioinformatics service provider. Our Bioinformatics services are centered around the analysis of genomes and metagenomes.
Genexa offers to perform complete Bioinformatics analyses as well as consulting and troubleshooting services. In addition to classical Bioinformatics analyses, we also develop customized anaylsis solutions or help outsource your sequencing project.
We also provide resources to run computationally intensive tasks for specific jobs when you have an existing analytics workflow but lack the computational resources to run it on large data sets.

Who we are

Genexa was founded in mid 2018 and is located in Zurich, Switzerland. We strive to deliver customer-tailored bioinformatics services of high quality without the use of any marketing big-data chitchat. If you have a problem to solve, we try to come up with a solution. Straight forward. If the problem lies outside of our expertise, we'll tell you.
Our team consists of three full- or part-time employees covering the fields biology, bioinformatics and computer-science. For questions regarding finance and business administration we are pleased to get support by an experienced person who also is a member of the board of genexa.