Guppy 2.1.3 "normal mode" vs. "flip-flop" mode


A follow-up to Keith Robinson's "Flappie vs. Albacore via Counterr" blog post

TL;DR Guppy 2.1.3 using GPU is blazing fast. No matter if you run it in the "normal" or "flip-flop" mode. Flip-flop was quite a bit slower though, but still OK. I do not see major improvements using flip-flop mode. Flip-flop gives me a strange Q-score distribution. But this is still a pre-release, so I expect some (major?) improvements over the next months.

Long version

This post is a quick follow-up to this blog post by Keith Robinson where he compared Albacore vs. Flappie. In this post I am going to compare Guppy 2.1.3 normal mode vs. Guppy 2.1.3 flip-flop mode. Flip-flop was announced by Clive G. Brown in this talk.

First let me say that this is no in depth analysis and comparison of the two Guppy modes. I did this for internal testing.

Here some background: