• Genomic Data Analysis Made in Switzerland

    genexa is a Swiss genomic data analysis provider. Our services are centered around de novo assembly of genomes and metagenomes.

  • Learn More About Our Analysis Services

    genexa offers a broad spectrum of services including de novo assembly of individual genomes and metagenomes.

  • Improve Your Research Using Long-Read Sequencing

    We offer analysis services that apply the latest long-read sequencing technologies.

  • We Cross-Check Your Analysis

    You are not sure whether your genome assembly or other analysis is of good quality?
    Let us have a look!

  • We Help You to Establish Long-Read Sequencing for Your Application

    We are happy to accompany your first project and build up knowledge together.


+++ We now plan and execute entire sequencing projects - from DNA extraction to the final analysis +++

In addition to our data analysis services we now offer to plan and execute entire sequencing projects. From DNA extraction to the final analysis. No time to deal with extraction and sequencing? Ask for a quote!