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Officially announcing the collaboration between Genexa and IMMAGINA BioTechnology!

We are working together on the development of a powerful data analysis solution for CircAID-p-seq, the only product available for 3’ phospho-RNA sequencing on the Oxford Nanopore platform.

Genexa is contributing its expertise on the analysis of Oxford Nanopore data as well as the development of bioinformatic algorithms and their implementation into a user-friendly software solution.
About IMMAGINA BioTechnology: IMMAGINA is an Italian based company operative in the genomic and proteomic sector. IMMAGINA - the ribosome company - is dedicated to empowering biomedical science researchers' understanding ribosomes, associated mRNA, and regulatory non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs). By capturing the gene machine, they are the only company that can measure at the same time what proteins are being produced and all information encoded in the ribosome-associated RNAs.
You can find more information about CircAID-p-seq here: immaginabiotech.com/product/circaid-p-seq/

We now offer to plan and execute entire sequencing projects – from DNA extraction to the final analysis

In addition to our data analysis services we now offer to plan and execute entire sequencing projects. From DNA extraction to the final analysis. No time to deal with extraction and sequencing? Ask for a quote!